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2011/Concours pour un bloc urbain de logement


Can Onaner / Elias Guenoun / William Parlon / 

Georgi Stanishev / Laure Bouchard

Localisation Moscou, Russie

Projet 2011

The Use of the Monument project seeks reconciliation between form and use. The form is not a subject here, of its use, neither is the use, of form. The choice of the terrace apartments building and the evocation of the powerful pyramidal conguration, both merge into an autonomous structure at the scale of an urban block.

The urban format, intended to serve as a housing block, becomes thus the place of a synthesis between conceptually different dimensions. For each one of its declinations (125, 150 or 175) the project reenacts differently this synthesis of form and use.

On the urban scale, the block becomes a monument, reassuming it essential role in the production of the city. On the domestic scale, it is an accommodation, providing its inhabitants with the optimal standards of living. In-between, the collective space serves as a transition.

From the street level, we are struck by the intransigent power of an urban format. Passing through its limits, crossing the two courtyards, heading for the central public facility, we progressively recognize the domestic scale. Once inside the apartment, the pyramid disappears. What only remains is the housing interior.

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